Workplace Mental Health – It’s Personal!

Dr. Joti Samra, Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Joti Samra, Clinical Psychologist


Afternoon Workshop: 1-4pm | Vancouver Convention Centre

Responding to emotionally distressed workers can have a significant impact on one’s own emotional state. At this session, you will learn about the impact your own personal emotions have in the workplace. All participants will be sent a link to confidentially assess their own interpersonal competence skills so that they will come with an awareness of their strengths and areas for improvement, including strategies to effectively manage their own emotions while responding to the emotions of others. No one will be asked to share their results, but it will add personal context and meaning to the session. Take this learning back to your workplace and advocate for the implementation of free, evidence-based tools to assess and improve the emotional intelligence of your managers, union representative and others who work with or support workers.

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