Seigo Nakamura

Seigo Nakamura

Seigo Nakamura

President, Aburi Restaurants Canada

Panel of Organizational Champions | March 5 | Vancouver

“I don’t just want a business, but want to create a culture and a community” – Seigo Nakamura

Seigo Nakamura, owner of the Tora Corporation in Japan, is the visionary behind Aburi Restaurants, Miku and Minami. Along with his family in 2012 he moved to Vancouver to oversee the growth of his aburi brand. His unique concepts and business strategies have led to the creation of Aburi style cuisine and the Ningenmi philosophy. A trendsetter in all aspects, Seigo is never happy with settling for the norm.

His new twist on Aburi cuisine was created over a decade ago, by fusing the idea of traditional Japanese flame-searing with the decadent and creamy sauces of French cuisine. With a new cuisine in mind, he set out to introduce Ningenmi and the idea of Omotonashi service in the western world.

Literally translated ‘the human flavour,’ Ningenmi is a Japanese term used to refer a person with outstanding humanly qualities: sincere, thoughtful and passionate. Adopted as a corporate philosophy by owner Seigo Nakamura, the term encompasses the belief that success can only be achieved when it is built upon the passion and pride from each individual embracing Ningenmi at heart.

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