Morgan Craig-Broadwith

Morgan Craig-Broadwith

Morgan Craig-Broadwith

Manager, Workplace Mental Health, CMHA - Calgary

Mental health and the socially supportive workplace | March 5 | Calgary

Complex Issues, Clear Solutions | March 6 | Calgary

With a background in psychology and exercise physiology, Morgan understands the importance of mental and physical health for short and long-term success within any setting, especially the workplace.

As a certified Mental Health Works trainer, Morgan understands the challenges and complexities faced by managers when addressing mental health issues of front-line staff. Drawing on her education, training and work experience Morgan helps managers and all levels of staff to effectively discuss and address workplace mental health issues with the primary goal of finding a win-win solution for the employer and employee.

Morgan also manages the National Bottom Line Conference – Calgary Perspective that addresses workplace mental health.

Prior to joining CMHA – Calgary Region, Morgan owned and operated her own small business, Live It Active, and provided wellness solutions for businesses throughout Southern Ontario.

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