Dr. Patricia Fisher

Dr. Patricia Fisher

Dr. Patricia Fisher

President, Fisher & Associates Solutions Inc.

Bottom Line Conference | February 25, 2015 | Vancouver

President, Fisher & Associates Solutions Inc., Specialists in Trauma-Exposed Workplaces

Dr. Patricia Fisher is a clinical psychologist and the founder of Fisher & Associates Solutions. As a long time trauma specialist, she has focused her attention on the impact and mechanisms of workplace stress in trauma-informed workplaces. Over the past 17 years she has developed a host of research-based training programs, assessment tools and solutions for trauma-exposed workplaces and the individuals who work in them. She has consulted widely with provincial and federal government bodies to develop policy and solutions to the complex organizational challenges that often accompany high stress and trauma-exposed sectors.

Dr. Fisher’s company specializes in sectors where the risk for stress, burnout and exposure to direct and vicarious trauma is high. Since 1998 Fisher and Associates has been dedicated to providing comprehensive services to support employee wellness and organizational health in the Criminal Justice Sector, Healthcare, Social and Human Services, Emergency Response, Armed Forces, Education and other trauma-exposed sectors.

Dr. Fisher has recently developed a sophisticated e-learning platform and has released comprehensive courses addressing workplace stress in trauma-exposed environments. The programming has been accredited and is offered directly by the company or through its expanding network of provider partners including the Ontario Association of Social Workers, the BC Association of Social Workers and other professional bodies.

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