2016 Webinars

Accommodating Addiction: Best Practices
Webinar date has passed—download the presentation

How to Create a Positive and High-Performing Culture
Webinar date has passed—download the presentation

Creating a Physically and Mentally Healthier Workplace
Webinar date has passed—view the presentation online.

Building a Stronger and More Resilient First Responder Organization
Webinar date has passed—download the presentation.

Suicide and the Working Environment
Webinar date has passed—download the presentation
For a recording of the webinar and other resources visit

A Case Study on a Workplace Peer Support Program
Webinar date has passed—download the presentation

2016 Final Report

Final Report: Bottom Line 2016

For a summary of Bottom Line 2016, view the final report.

Workplace Mental Health Survey Resources

Workplace Mental Health in Canada: Findings from a Pan-Canadian Survey

Lundbeck Canada and CMHA teamed up to take the “pulse” of workplace mental health in Canada to better understand where employers are and to assist them in their efforts to promote workplace mental health. View the survey results.

2016 Conference Presentations

Some of our conference presenters, at the plenary and the workshops, have provided handouts for your reference.

Championing Wellness in Canadian Mining, Construction and Resource Sectors

Download the presentation.

A Working Session on Suicide and the Workplace

Download the presentations for Suicide in the Workplace and the Gatekeeper Training Project.

When Your “Liability” Becomes Your Greatest Asset: An award-winning peer support program

Download the presentation.

Dollars Well Spent: How to optimize your employee assistance plan

Download the presentation.

Psychological Health & Safety: Making the business case

Download the presentation.

Culture and the Bottom Line: How positive cultures create high-performing organizations

Download the presentation.

An Introduction to Psychological Trauma: Tools to strengthen mental health and build resiliency

Download the presentation.

The National Standard: A presentation on the Case Study Research Project

Download the presentation.


CMHA offers workshops geared towards making your workplace psychologically healthy and safe. All of our workshops can be hosted on-site at your location. For more information, please contact Julia Kaisla, Director, Community Engagement, CMHA BC Division at [email protected]


National Standard of Canada – Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace—Prevention, promotion and guidance to staged implementation

Canada’s first national standard designed to help organizations and their employees improve workplace psychological health and safety.

Psychological Health and Safety: An Action Guide for Employers

Mental Health Commission of Canada’s guide provides steps and actions that are accessible to all Canadian employers.

Guarding Minds at Work

Tools to assess and address psychosocial risk in the workplace.  Includes survey, scorecards, audit forms, evidence-based recommendations and evaluation methods.

Working Through It

Videos and text handouts by and for individuals who experience mental health-related concerns in the workplace.  Includes handouts, checklists and forms.

Bird’s Eye View

Weathering the Perfect Legal Storm: Navigating requirements of the emerging duty to provide a psychologically safe system of work in the context of the voluntary National Standard of Canada on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. CSA Z1003-13/BNQ 9700-803 Authored by Martin Shain, SJD


Information in many languages on mental health, specific mental health conditions and illnesses, treatments, resources in BC.

Visions Journal’s Workplace Issue

Issue of Visions, BC’s Mental Health and Addictions Journal includes articles by Mary Ann Baynton on the national standard; by WorkSafeBC’s Joe Pinto on anti-bullying policies; and several other personal experiences, perspectives and articles on the topic.

Mental Health and the Workplace: An international perspective (PDF)

Informational slides presented by Dame Carol Black, Expert Adviser on Health and Work, Department of Health, England, at 2013 Bottom Line Conference.

Lancaster House

Legal information on specific case law, publications, e-newsletters, and conferences.

CCOHS: Healthy Minds at Work

Provides information and links to credible resources that can help workplaces increase their understanding and recognition of mental health issues at work, address existing issues, develop and implement effective approaches to promoting mental health at work, and find quality resources and tools on a range of related topics.

2015 Conference Presentations

Many of our conference presenters, at the plenary and the workshops, have provided handouts for your reference.

Starting with Policy: Addictions in the Workplace

Download Rebecca Gowan‘s handout

Navigating the Storm: A Legal Perspective on Workplace Mental Health

Download the handout

How the Calgary Police are Protecting the Psychological Health of their Front Line

Download Michael Pietrus‘ presentation

Unleash the Power of Peer Support: A Strategic Lever for Improving Workplace Mental Health

Download Stephane Grenier‘s presentation

A Discussion on Human Rights, Discrimination and Mental Disorders

Download Jonathan Chapnick‘s presentation

Trauma-Exposed Workplaces: The Critical Importance of Understanding and Addressing these Unique Stress Environments

Download Dr. Patricia Fisher‘s presentation

Starting with Policy: Addictions in the Workplace

Download Dr. Baker‘s presentation

Integrating Psychological Health and Safety into your Occupational Health and Safety Framework

Download the handout

Download participant ideas from the workshop

An Addictions Treatment Centre Protecting the Psychological Health of Their Front Line Workers

Download Dr. Smith‘s presentation

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