Breakout session 2: A Discussion with Future Heroes: A moderated discussion with emerging leaders

Jonny Morris (Facilitator), CMHA BC, Matthew Edwards, Demonware, Mike Tan, Change Makers, Ginger Gosnell-Myers, City of Vancouver, Tiffanie Lai, Hootsuite and Emily Rousseau, Stantec

There is a new generation of leaders emerging across the workforce, bringing shifting expectations for their employers when it comes to mental health, substance use, and overall well-being.

A traditional job, with a large employer, which has a safety net of benefit programs for employees living with mental health and behavioural health problems, like substance use and problem gambling, is not as common as it used to be.

Young people also seem to be moving towards smaller employers, contracts and self employment as entrepreneurs, or new start up organizations that move at a rapid pace. This emerging generation of leaders stand to influence and shape workplace mental health in significant ways, so the opportunity to consult with a panel of “future heroes” is timely.

This moderated panel interview will consider the following questions:

– In what ways is the contemporary workplace changing (or not changing) for emerging leaders?

– What are some key expectations for employers in responding to a changing workforce, especially when it comes to mental health, substance use, and wellbeing?

– What is the next level of thinking that we need to do in the areas of workplace mental health and wellbeing? How can the next generation of leaders support this next level of thinking?

– How can we prepare “future heroes” to meet the rapidly shifting workplace context and mental health? What new challenges might be on the horizon?

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