Pam Cooper

Pam Cooper

Pam Cooper

Health Services Team Lead, ConocoPhillips

Why are you a champion of mental health in the workplace?

I strongly believe that workplaces need to not only acknowledge that mental health plays a critical role in how healthy, engaged and productive an employee is and can be, but also provide the best resources and supports they are able, to assist their employees’ well being.

Why do you commit your time and energy to planning the Bottom Line Conference?

This conference is a great avenue for employers to gain greater knowledge regarding mental health issues and how it may be impacting their workforce.

It also provides potential takeaways that can be implemented by employers in an effort to build on existing supports and resources for their leaders and employees.

Over the past 11 years, what was your favourite Bottom Line moment?

By being part of the panel last year I had the opportunity to meet two very courageous women who were willing to share their personal stories. I feel fortunate to have been part of the conference overall.

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