Kerilee Snatenchuk

Kerilee Snatenchuk

Kerilee Snatenchuk

Director, People & Culture, ATB

Bottom Line Conference | February 24, 2015 | Vancouver

Director of People & Culture, ATB Financial

Why are you a champion of mental health in the workplace?

The opportunity to be part of a cultural change at ATB was presented to  me about a year and a half ago and a role called ‘Manager of Health and Wellness’ was created to address the needs of our associate base while supporting our overall business strategy of being The #1 Place to Work.  I had been a champion of workplace health while in my previous marketing role at ATB, and when this opportunity was shared with me, I jumped at the chance to participate in developing an overall Health and Wellness strategy.  Mental health is one of three main focus areas in the overall strategy.  I’ve been passionate about building awareness and understanding about workplace mental health and the result of that has been a more open dialogue at ATB.  With greater transparency there has been an anecdotal reduction in stigma as managers are trying to proactively address mental health issues.  It is a great feeling to see the change that occurs, even small change, when a strategy and program are put into play.

Why do you commit your time and energy to planning the Bottom Line Conference?

The first Bottom Line Conference I attended was a true eye opener and with support from our board, I was thrilled to be invited to be part of the planning committee for the upcoming conference.  As a large Alberta based company, ATB has invested time and dollars into mental health and the opportunity to help shape the next conference is something I’m grateful for as it will directly impact so many people, including ATB associates.  Change from the ground up seems like part of a successful mental health strategy and I see the Bottom Line Conference as leading that grassroots change.

Over the past 11 years, what was your favourite Bottom Line moment?

My favourite moment was hearing Michael Landsberg speak. He was so open and honest. I appreciated his sense of humour and the way he connected with the majority of the audience. That was fantastic.  It put a well  known face to a sometimes hidden issue.  Beyond that, having exposure and discussion around the National Standard was a great learning piece for me – many of the speakers referred to the Standard and since then, the momentum built up during the conference has continued and kept the Standard as part of a list of priorities around health and wellness in our organization and I’m sure in others too.

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