Deanna Matzanke

Deanna Matzanke

Deanna Matzanke

Director, Diversity & Inclusion, Scotiabank

Why are you a champion of mental health in the workplace?

Good mental health is the key to a productive workplace.  It’s good for the employee, the organization and the economy.  When mental health is damaged through poor practices and environment factors, this affects everyone.

Personally, as an individual who lives with a mental illness disability, the stigma and discrimination is extremely debilitating and I work to ensure others like me don’t have to experience this

Why do you commit your time and energy to planning the Bottom Line Conference?

The Bottom Line Conference is an excellent gathering of expertise, ideas, and people that helps to drive awareness and practical solutions forward.

Over the past 11 years, what was your favourite Bottom Line moment?

When Michael Landsberg said: “If you remember nothing else from my talk today, remember that I am sick, not weak.”

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